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Tire Warmers



All Protek tire warmers are designed to properly heat tires to the optimum temperature before track racing a bike. Tire warmers extend the heat cycles of race tires reducing the heating downtime between races. They build up tire heat evenly, which both enhances tire performance and prolongs tire life.

The CE certified Protek warmers are constructed of both Dupont Kevlar insulation sheets and Dupont Nomex thermal insulation fabric. This combination heats both the external and internal warmer fabric which insures heat from escaping. They come with GE silicon covered heating elements which are both water and heat resistant for electricity safety . The tire warmers use a standard 110V outlet with a power consumption of 900W (safe for all 1000W generators)

While the tire warmers are available in Non-digital ONLY, they do contain a NEON thermostat - a built-in specialized control system which keeps the temperature of the heated tires at approx 190 degrees (atmospheric conditions may affect the final temperature). The thermostat has a NEON LED Light indicator which displays an amber light - to show the activation of the heating process and a green light - to alert the biker that the optimum temperature has been reached.

The warmers come complete in sets of two - front and rear - for all models with complete sizes for GP125, GP250, Supersport and Supermoto bikes. All warmers include a soft carrying case for easy transport and complete instructions for safety, storage, fitting & warnings.

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