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Frame Sliders FP-150





  • ’99-’05 YZF-600 R-6

  • '06-'09 YZF-600 R-6S

  • '98-'06 YZF-1000 R-1

The clutch slider is to be mounted to the swing arm

pivot shaft.  Remove the stock nut and replace with the

aluminum nut supplied in this kit.  It is recommended

to use a non-permanent thread lock compound.  Torque
the nut to factory specifications.  The slider is designed

to fit into your frame by sliding the puck over the nut

(make sure the aluminum bushing is inside the puck and

correctly positioned), then, using a non-permanent thread

lock, insert & tighten the 10mm  bolt supplied in this kit.


Includes: (1) 10mm x 35mm bolt
                  (1) Aluminum nut
                  (1) Acetal clutch puck 

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