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Frame Sliders FP-195





  • ’06-’07 CBR-1000RR

The frame sliders are mounted to the top engine mounts. 
There are no fairing modifications during installation. 

Start on the left side, remove the motor mount bolt and

replace with the short socket head bolt with slider. 

Both sliders are the same size so make sure the short

bolt goes on the shift side and the long bolt goes on the

brake side.   Repeat this process on the right side using

the long socket head bolt.  We prefer using a lock tite

for the bolt that screws into the bracket to secure it from

vibrations.  Torque to factory specs. Note: Spacers mount

between body work & bracket closet to offset mount. Each

side gets one spacer.


Includes: (2) Acetal pucks with aluminum bushings
                  (1) 12mm x 1.25 x 70mm (left side)
                  (1) 12mm x 1.25 x 80mm (right side)

                  (2) 10mm x 1.5 x 30mm (attach pucks to brackets)
                  (2) 6mm x 30mm with (2) spacers
                  (2) Aluminum Brackets

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