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Swing Arm Buddy


The SWING ARM BUDDY is a repair kit that replaces a chain adjuster bolt after it seizes and breaks off in the swing arm of most off road motorcycles. During normal cleaning and/or operating in moist environments, water enters and migrates to the rear of the swing arm causing the bolt to rust and seize. Consequently, at the next chain adjustment interval, the bolt can break off in the swing arm. This is becoming an increasingly common problem with today's motocross, street and enduro bikes. Rather than removing the swing arm from the bike, the SWING ARM BUDDY will allow the average rider to fix the broken stud in approximately 10 minutes without the expense of a machine shop, normally required for this repair. It comes in two distinct kits. A SAB-10 single kit includes one 3/8" extractor drill bit and one special thread fitting. A SAB-20 double kit contains one 3/8" extractor drill bit and two special thread fittings.  Also included are easy to follow instructions.

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