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Frame Sliders FP-1000





Acetal Frame Slider Kawasaki ’09-'12 ZX-6R

The frame sliders are to be mounted to your upper engine mount

bolts. Remove mid and lower body panels Left and Right. There is

a small plastic cover that is mounted over the main engine stud

location on the left side. This cover requires a small notch to be

cut out of the cover to clear the small end of the left side offset.

Remove stock stud and mount the left side offset, with 10mm X

1.25 X 60.  Used a Dremel tool with a sanding roll and cleaned

it up with an exacto knife. Remove a small amount of material at

a time checking for clearance each time. This notch will not be

visible after the body has been mounted.   Mount right side offset

using shorter bracket with 10mm x 1.25 x 70 bolt, make sure

you can still move the offset by hand. Mount the body loosely and

angle the offset to the opening in the body.  Make sure that the
slider clears the body and mounts clean to the offset. Always

torque down the offset to the OEM specifications.

Includes: (2) Acetal sliders with aluminum bushings
(1)10mm x 1.25 pitch x 70mm bolt(right side, shorter puck

      with shorter aluminum bracket)
(1) 10mm x 1.25 x 60mm bolt(left side, longer puck with longer

      aluminum bracket)
(2) 10mm x 45 bolts(attaches puck with brackets)

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