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Frame Sliders AFP-950





  • ’08-’12 EX-250 Ninja

Frame sliders are mounted onto the front through bolt.  Make

sure the bike is in a fixed secure position. With a standard floor

jack support the engine enough to remove engine stud. To help

prevent scratching of any kind or damage to the bike when

lifting we use a small piece of soft wood on the jack pad. When

installing the front rod lightly press down on the radiator hose

so the bolt can pass through til it reaches the other side.  After

rod has been installed, install elbow brackets til they pass

through your aluminum brackets, use the 10mm locknut on the

left side and 10mm serrated nut on the right side to secure the

through rod.  Intall the pucks on both sides using the long 10mm

x 140 bolts & long extended off brackets to secure them to elbow

brackets. NOTE: elbow bracket, pucks and offset brackets are

already assembly, you just need to install through rod.  Always

torque to factory specs.

Includes: (1) 10mm x 245mm stud with flange nut 10mm locknut
(2) Aluminum pucks & (2) 10mm x 140 bolts
(2) Aluminum brackets with (2) aluminum offset bracket

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