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Frame Sliders FP-400





  • ’06-’08 EX-650R Ninja

Remove the right side fairing panel, then remove the lower

front bolt that holds engine mount bracket to frame.  Take

the bracket with the 9mm mounting hole bottom right hand

corner and fit to frame so that the mounting hole sits where

you removed the bolt.  Fit the 8mm x 30mm cap head bolt

through block and into frame.  Do not tighten completely yet. 
Take one of the clamps and two of the 6mm x 30mm cap bolts

and fit to block and tighten, then tighten the front 8mm bolt.

Take one of the 10mm x 70mm bolts with a washer through

the slider and tighten to the bracket.  Repeat the process for

the left side but use the 8mm x 40mm bolt. 

Includes: (2) Acetal pucks with aluminum bushings
                  (2) 10mm x 70mm bolts (holds puck to bracket)        
                  (2) Aluminum mounting brackets
                  (1) 8mm x 30mm bolt (right side)

                  (1) 8mm x 40mm bolt (left side)
                  (2) clamps with 6mm x 40mm bolts

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