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Frame Sliders FP-170




  • ’97-’07 CBR-1100XX Blackbird

The frame sliders are mounted to the upper engine mounts.  
Both  fairings require modification during installation.  This is
best done by first removing the fairing.  Locate the engine mount
bolt & replace with the supplied bolt.  If heat shield foam is not
present, apply playdough to inside fairing where cutting will
take place.  Put the fairing back and see where the bolt head
has left an impression in playdough/heat foam.  This is the
center of the hole to be drilled.  Mask outside of fairing with
tape to prevent chipping during drilling.  Take 2" hole saw and
center around bolt head impression in playdough.  Drill through
fairing.  Lightly file down rough edges around hole.  Install
slider and replace the fairings.  


Includes: (2) Acetal pucks with aluminum bushings (identical)
                  (2) 10mm x 1.25 x 90mm bolts

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