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Frame Sliders FP-140




  • ’00-’01 RVT-1000 RC-51

Remove the right side engine mount nut first.  Then

remove the through bolt on the left side.  From the left

side, install the long slider, using the stud and the spacer,

being especially careful to align them correctly. The

spacer should index into the engine mount completely,

allowing the frame slider to butt up flush with the mount. 

Install the right short slider, reusing the factory nut. 

Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.  To cut the fairings, drill a

small pilot hole to locate the engine mount.  Then use a

2 " hole saw to cut the fairing.  You can file the edges down

with a light grit sandpaper.  It is best to mask the area with

tape to protect from scratches and cracks.


Includes: (1) 12mm x 370mm stud, flange nut attached
                  (2) Acetal pucks with aluminum bushings

                        (right side- short puck & left side- long puck)

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